Click until you can’t click anymore! How dedicated are you to purchasing that next structure or that next upgrade? Click and Conquer is an incredibly addicting incremental, idle, or clicker game – whichever you prefer to call it!

You start with absolutely nothing, but after just a few quick clicks, you can purchase your first villager! From then on, your villagers can do the clicking for you. They can gather food, chop trees, or mine gold to give you a certain amount of that resource per second. You can also build structures such as deep gold mines, massive farms, and dense forests to put the villagers to work at for an even greater resource per second income! In time, you will go from earning just a few resources per second, to earning millions or even billions per second!

Upgrade your hero’s damage and health so you can defeat stronger opponents and research better upgrades!

Put multiple bonus skills to use that auto-click for you or multiply your click power and per second income. Do whatever you can to get enough resources for more structures and upgrades!

Click and Conquer is sure to keep you busy and addicted for hours upon hours! Enjoy!


  • A very helpful and quick tutorial to get you started your first time playing.
  • Three main resources to collect: food, wood, and gold.
  • Five secondary resources: housing, land, villagers, soldiers, and gems.
  • Three Bonus Skills that you can use every 10 minutes and last for 30 seconds: Auto-Click, Power Click, and Efficiency.
    • Auto-Click will automatically click for you several times a second (depending on what level it is).
    • Power Click will multiply the amount of resources you get for clicking by a certain amount (depending on what level it is).
    • Efficiency will multiply the amount of resources you earn per second by a certain amount (depending on what level it is).
  • A well organized and easy to understand user interface.
  • Hire villagers to gather resources for you automatically!
    • Choose to assign them to work on their own or on a structure you build. Depending on which researches you purchase, both ways have their benefits.
  • Hire soldiers to take over land for you so you can build various structures.
  • Nineteen different food, wood, gold, population, and land structures to build. You can build as many of each as you want. Each one is slightly better than the last but more expensive. You will need to do a little math to determine which purchases give the most bang for your buck.
  • Use a hero to win battles and earn gems! Gems are needed for research.
    • Upgrade your hero’s damage and health to fight stronger opponents and earn more gems quicker.
  • Ten different research options that can improve your resources per click, bonus skills, effects of structures, and efficiency of villagers.
  • Several in-app purchase options to buy resources or improve your bonus skills. Unlike many games, these in-app purchases are completely NOT necessary to play the game. You don’t need to buy anything to allow you to play longer or get things you normally can’t. They are simply there for the lazy or over-excited who don’t want to wait for enough resources for their next structure or purchase.
  • Everything you do in the game is tracked! There’s a stats button you can click to view your time played, number of clicks made, resources gathered, hero wins/losses, etc.
  • An option to reset your game is also in the stats menu. Resetting your game will give you a bonus for your next play-through.
  • An in-game help button that can answer many of your questions if you’re lost.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Joshua says:

    A very fun, time consuming game overall but there’s an issue that needs to be fixed. Since its harder to get the exact number of trained troops I use the keypad but the don button does not work. Please fix


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